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Single-OB2-White Deluxe Kit

Price: $499.50
Item Number: AZOB2W1D

200 PSI | 100% Duty | 4.25 CFM

Whether to power up air horns, air locking differentials, air suspensions, or airing up big off-road tires. A fast and reliable on-board 200PSI air compressor kit is a worthwhile investment!

Kit Contents:
  • 1x AIR-ZENITH 200PSI OB2-White Air Compressor.
  • 2x FLEX Tank Mount Brackets.
  • 1x AIR-ZENITH 220PSI Digital Pressure Gauge with Sensor.
  • 1x 3-Gallon Aluminum Air Tank.
  • 1x 200PSI Pressure Switch (with 1/4-NPT thread fitting).
  • 1x 1/2-Inch DOT Approved Stainless Steel Braided Air Hose.
  • 1x 1/2-Inch NPT Air Tank Fitting.
  • 1x 80A Heavy Duty Power Relay.
  • 1x Pre-wired Relay Socket.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.